Apollo Butterfly Field Trip


Saxifraga-Jan van der Straate

A boat trip to an island near Örö on Tuesday 6th August 2019.

Come along and do a good deed for the threatened Apollo butterfly! At this time of year, the Apollo is flying when the whether is good.

We take a taxiboat from Kasnäs to the island, where we count its larvae feeding plants and clear an area where the plants are threatening to suffocate from too much shadow.

No special skills are needed, but the trip is not suitable for disabled persons because of getting in and out of the boat. Dress according to the whether and wear outdoor shoes. In case of bad whether the trip is cancelled one day before, and the complete fee is returned.

You can reach Kasnäs i Kimito/Kemiö by bus. We are leaving from Kasnäs at appr. 11 am and back at appr. 4 pm.

Price: 110 € including field lunch and taxiboat.