The naturally unique Archipelago sea!

Nature as experience and a hobby will help you to learn to listen to the nature and forget all stress. We have more than 20 years of experience in the Nature School and our passion is to

  • Increase the interest in nature and provide positive experiences
  • Increase the respect for the environment and sustainability
  • Make the archipelago culture known and work for a living archipelago

For school children we have camps in the form of Nature Schools and for local school Nature Days. For adults we have various trips and excursions as part of Wellbeing from Nature. We also tailor various programmes for groups, organisations, projects and companies.


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Apollo Butterfly Field Trip August 6th, 2019

Come along and do a good deed for the threatened Apollo butterfly! At this time of year, the Apollo is flying when the whether is good. Read more.

Clean Beach Field Trip and Voluntary Work

Come along and enjoy the archipelago nature and do a good deed for the environment during the same day. Field trip June 15th, 2019. Read more.  

New for adults! Clean Beach recreational day

In cooperation with the Clean Beach clean-up and litter collection programme we take a trip to enjoy the archipelago and get to hear about the effects of littering, as well as taking time to do voluntary clean-up. This is a perfect recreational day for your business or for other groups. You will have your group […]

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